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The administration of the North American Fire Training Directors is pleased to welcome you to its newly developed online undertaking. In our continuing efforts to keep our members, as well as firefighters, departments, and other interested parties, apprised of items of interest regarding the fire service in Canada and the United States, we bring you the NAFTD website.

Advanced technology is one of the most useful tools available to us to bring you the latest developments in fire training, education, legislation and information. Updated often, this website will give you late breaking developments in areas such as innovative training props and the latest in high-tech training.

To more easily generate information that will benefit you, we have developed a survey instrument and subscribed to a list serve that allows you to generate feedback that will allow this site to meet your needs. We look forward to hearing from NAFTD members, firefighters and officers, and other interested parties to quickly address the vital issues of today that are important to all of us.

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NAFTD Releases Rules of Engagement for Safe Fire Service Training

NAFTD, working in partnership with the IAFC Safety, Health and Survival Section, is pleased to announce the release of the Rules of Engagement for Safe Fire Service Training. Developed through a consensus of training directors and safety officer across the U.S. and Canada, these ten simple steps will help achieve the goal of eliminating line-of-duty-deaths during training events. NAFTD President Allan Rice (Alabama) said,

"LODDs during training are preventable and unacceptable. We need to take concrete measures to eliminate the loss of firefighters during training events, and these Rule of Engagement are the roadmap for this effort".
The ROEs address subjects such as having a training plan, following recognized standards, having qualified instructional staff, taking all possible safety precautions, and insuring that participants are medically cleared before engaging in strenuous training.

  Rules You Can Live By Poster

The 2016 NAFTD Annual Conference 26-28 Sept hosted by the Wisconsin Technical College System, Fire Service Training & Education Office. The conference was held in Milwaukee, WI.